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Josh Powell

Founder & Owner

What makes a good leader? The best leadership skills for business owners are as follows: 

???? Ability to inspire others and develop a vision

???? Know how to successfully execute a strategy

???? Set clear goals

???? Ability to stay focused and communicate well

???? Give and receive feedback

???? Know when to ask for outside help

???? Approachable, Honest, and Committed

???? Have a strong focus on problem solving

???? Display high emotional intelligence 

???? Know the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and team members

Josh is the backbone of Cowboys Plumbing and it’s evident that he is taking each one of these leadership skills by the horns.

When Josh was in the 2nd grade, his teacher said, “He’s going to be a leader.” She saw leadership skills in a young Josh that we still see him displaying today. Here at Cowboys Plumbing, I can confidently speak on behalf of the entire team when I say how grateful and appreciative, we are to have Josh Powell as our leader. Thank you, Josh, for following your career dreams and founding Cowboys Plumbing. Because of you, we’re able to take plumbing by the horns for our community and surrounding areas.


Josh Powell

Founder & Owner