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Garrett McAlister

Field Manager

There are 7 key elements that make up a strong leader in the field. Cowboys Plumbing is proud to showcase our 3 favorites that Garrett excels at.


Many decisions that Garrett encounters are unique to the business and requires more thought than simply throwing a canned solution at it. Garrett displays innovative thinking and is able to tap into previous experiences and a treasure chest of new ideas that enables him to take plumbing by the horns. It’s hard work, but rewarding. It can take time, but in the end, it is a great feeling to solve a problem someone is struggling with. This job can be very tough both physically and mentally, but Garrett is passionate about plumbing and enjoys solving problems most people can’t.


Garrett possesses an open mind and flexibility and is able to adjust to new ways of thinking or alternative methods when necessary. While it’s true that everyone loves confidence, humility creates a likable persona, making others more comfortable with their position.


Garrett is open and honest, making work more efficient and enjoyable. His team members know why and how he reaches plumbing decisions. Garrett trusts his team members to complete what they are assigned, producing positive morale and mutual respect.

Garrett is one of the many faces of Cowboys Plumbing. Customers love him and so do we. Thank you Garrett for taking field managing by the horns. Thank you for being a great team member! ????


Garrett McAlister

Field Manager