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Cally Powell

Marketing Communications
  1. MARKETING makes customers aware of your products and services, engages them, and helps them make the right buying decision that fits their needs.
  2. BRAND MARKETING helps people recognize a company by its brand name, logo, slogan, colors, and reputation.
  3. EMPLOYEE MARKETING creates a sense of community and company pride. It helps employees build an emotional connection with their company. 

Cally is taking all 3 avenues of marketing by the horns by:

???? Billboards 

???? Radio & TV Commercials 

???? Social Media & Website 

???? Mascot / Cowboy Hank 

???? Business Networking Groups

???? Festivals, Parades, & Trade Shows

???? Phonebooks, Bowling Alley TV Monitors 

???? Magazine Ads & Newspaper Articles 

???? Brochures & Flyers 

???? Postal Mail & Email 

???? Giveaways (Promotional, Customer, Employee)

????Local Sponsorships (Football, Basketball, Volleyball) 

Cally is the energy of the company. She shines with her creative storytelling abilities. She knows her market, she’s observant and understands her competitors. She knows her customers and loves creating memorable customer experiences. Thank you, Cally, for taking marketing by the horns. Thank you for being an amazing team member! 


Cally Powell

Marketing Communications