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Brandi Couch

Customer Service Dispatch (CSD)

Cowboys Plumbing knows that phenomenal customer service begins with CSD. Why?

Because every interaction between customers and a point of contact can either build or damage your organization. CSD is the first point of contact our customers have with Cowboys Plumbing. CSD is the voice of the company. That’s Brandi. She’s our voice. 

Brandi is the best of the best when it comes to dispatching. With multiple lines ringing off the hook, a lot of times even before 8am, she maintains a high energy level and displays emotional control while she multitasks with the following:

???? Creates dispatch tickets for each service call

???? Acquires a basic overview of our customers service issues

???? Gathers detailed address information using maps and GPS programs to plan routes

???? Coordinates trip schedules and manages routes

???? Dispatches appropriate team members

???? Maintains regular communication with our customers all throughout the day

???? Monitors weather reports to plan jobs accordingly

Brandi makes decisions confidently and has the knowledge to support them. Thank you Brandi for taking customer service dispatch by the horns! Thank you for being an amazing team member! ????


Brandi Couch

Customer Service Dispatch (CSD)