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Bradley King

Field Manager

There are 7 key elements that make up a strong leader in the field. Cowboys Plumbing is proud to showcase our 2 favorites that Brad excels at.


Decisiveness is one of those skills that people don’t often talk about, but it’s extremely important to great leadership. Decisiveness does not mean being stubborn, arrogant or hasty—it’s simply the ability to decide with speed and clarity. This is Brad. He weighs a decision carefully and once he makes up his mind, he is not easily put off course. This shows commitment, which breeds consistency, both of which are traits that make Brad a phenomenal leader.


At Cowboys Plumbing, we understand that people can see through a facade of confidence and no one will follow a leader that isn’t self-assured. Cowboys Plumbing also knows that a leader who can articulate their goals and stand by decisions is far more effective than someone trying to hide their insecurities behind a mask of arrogance. Brad embodies true confidence and it’s one of our favorite qualities he displays.  

In addition to being a great leader, Brad’s got skills…and they’re multiplying. ???? (For all my Grease lovers)

???? Customer Service Skills

Brad knows a satisfied client is a repeat client.

???? Problem Solving Skills

When presented with an issue, Brad can quickly identify the causes and find a good solution.

???? Troubleshooting Skills

Brad can quickly identify the source of a problem and quickly develop a way to address that problem.

Brad is one of the many faces of Cowboys Plumbing. Thank you Brad for taking field managing by the horns and being a great team member! ????


Bradley King

Field Manager